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The BIGGEST Forex Awards in the World with over 200,000 votes cast and in excess of 400 trophy winners to date.

How can you be involved in our Retail and B2B Global Forex Awards?

Businesses: If you are a Retail broker or a B2B solutions provider then make sure your company is nominated in the appropriate awards. Better still, speak to us about Sponsorship opportunities and let us get your brand in front of the voting public and forex traders.


Winning a coveted award trophy gives businesses an unmatched opportunity to boost their profile and credibility, whilst increasing their visibility in the sector. See our testimonials page to see the difference winning an award makes.

Public/Forex Traders. Each year all our award categories are decided by public vote, we let you help decide the winners! To date over 200,000 votes have been cast by the public amd Forex Traders, so we really do put the power in your hands.

​Global Forex Awards 2024 - Retail

Vote Now For Your Global Forex Retail Award Winners.


With the nominations in, it’s now time to cast your vote in this year’s Global Forex Retail Awards. Public Voting is open until July 26th. To vote CLICK HERE

Global Forex Awards Trophy
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