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From 3rd April to 1st May 2023, those within the industry and the public were able to vote for the best providers of liquidity, CRM, customer experience, execution, partnerships, platforms and performance and helped to decide the winners of this year’s Global Forex Awards 2023 - B2B.


“For us, transparency is key in hosting these financial awards, so drawing on the expertise of the industry in voting for the winners ensures that the best businesses come out on top, we have had over 90 companies join us as nominees on the awards, making the 2023 awards our most engaged year so far.” explains Mike Boydell, Director at Holiston Media, which organises the annual awards.


He continues, “Winning a Global Forex Award 2023 - B2B is a benchmark of success that will not only impress potential new customers, but will also boost existing client comfort and loyalty.”


Now in their fourth year, the annual Global Forex Awards 2023 - B2B recognise those businesses who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in B2B forex trading solutions. This year there are over 20 categories which cover the full scope of the industry.


This year’s Global Forex Awards 2023 - B2B are sponsored by Centroid Solutions, Exclusive Capital, Hantec Prime, IXO Prime, oneZero, RoboMarkets and The Kingdom Bank.

Winners will be announced on 7th June 2023.



Holiston Media has announced its roll call of winners in this year’s Global Forex Awards 2022 - Retail.


One of the world’s leading awards for the forex and financial industries, The Global Forex Awards 2022 - Retail celebrates those forex and related businesses from around the world who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in retail forex trading solutions.


Now in their fifth year, the awards highlight those businesses at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programs and world-class customer service for direct to consumer/trader businesses, with 59 categories comprising of global award winners, as well as regional award winners which cover specific territories, including Africa, Asia, Europe, LatAM and the Middle East.


“These are some of the most comprehensive awards for this sector, that offer both a transparent and trustworthy judgement of the global forex retail industry,” explains Mike Boydell, Director of Holiston Media. “The public voting process took place throughout July 2022, and as has been the trend in previous years, there were very high engagement levels. We received tens of thousands of votes from right across the global forex trading communities and each of the winners have been voted for by their peers and customers and chosen for their world class service. Winning an award is a sign of trust and success in this highly competitive industry.”



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