About the Global Forex Awards 2020 - Retail

The  Global Forex Awards 2020 – Retail champion cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programs and world-class customer service for direct to consumer/trader businesses. 

There will be over 20 global award winners as well as regional award winners each covering a specific territory. These regional territories include; Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Awards Schedule


29 May 2020 – The Nominations for the 2020 awards officially open. Companies will be able to self- nominate their interest in the awards in the specific award categories they are relevant to.

26 June 2020 – The nomination period for the 2020 awards officially closes. All nominations submitted over the 4-week nomination period will go forward to the public vote which opens on 29 June 2020. 

29 June 2020 – The Voting for the 2020 awards officially opens. Over this 4-week period the public forex trading community will be asked to visit the Global Forex Awards website and cast their votes on their preferred forex companies.

24 July 2020 - Voting for the 2020 awards officially closes. All votes cast over the previous 4-week period will be collated and counted.

9 August 2020 - We will notify all of the global and regional award winners.

24 September 2020 - We will announce all of the global and regional award winners at an official winners' party in Limassol, Cyprus.

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Awards Sponsorship Enquiries

Archie Humphries

E: archie.humphries@holiston.com

DD: +44 (0) 7597 166709