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Holiston Media Reveals The Winners In This Year’s Global Forex Awards B2B


This year’s Global Forex Awards - B2B were the most sought-after to date, receiving the highest number of entries and public votes.


Now in their third year, The Global Forex Awards - B2B celebrate forex and related businesses from around the world who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in B2B forex trading solutions.


Across 23 separate categories, the awards champion the best-performing providers of liquidity, CRM, customer experience, execution, partnerships, platforms and performance, as well as other crucial elements of the B2B forex trading ecosystem.


Explains Mike Boydell, Director of Holiston Media, which organises the awards, “We’ve been blown away by the sheer number and calibre of entries in this year’s awards. Over 9500 people voted in the awards - the biggest number yet - proving that there’s a demand within the industry for transparency and recognition.”


The public voting process for the awards took place throughout April 2022. This year’s category winners are as follows:


• Best All-Round Liquidity Provider - Exclusive Capital

• Best Bridge Provider - Centroid Solutions

• Best Client Trading Experience - TopFX

• Best CRM Provider - Match-Trade Technologies

• Best Crypto CFD Liquidity Provider - GCEX

• Best Execution Venue - LMAX Group

• Best Electronic Money Institution - Breinrock

• Best Fintech & Solutions - PLUGIT

• Best Hosting & Connectivity Provider - PrimeXM

• Best Institutional Forex Broker - ATFX Connect

• Best Mobile Trading App - RoboForex

• Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform - cTrader

• Best Payment Solutions Provider - Global Reach Group

• Best Prime Trading Broker - IS Prime

• Best Public Relations Company - Wigwam PR

• Best RegTech Reporting Solution - Muinmos

• Best Retail Forex Broker - FXCM

• Best Risk Management System - Centroid Solutions

• Best Signals Provider - TiqBee

• Best Stocks Broker - RoboMarkets

• Best Technology Provider - Tools for Brokers

• Best Trade Execution - Equiti Capital

• Best White Label Provider - Match-Trade Technologies


This year’s Global Forex Awards - B2B were sponsored by: ATFX Connect, Centroid Solutions, Exclusive Capital, PLUGIT, RoboMarkets and TiqBee.


Continues Mike, “This year’s winner’s list is made up of some of the leading businesses in the industry who have been chosen by real investors, traders and business customers from around the globe. We’re proud to be able to elevate them and help benchmark their success.”


The 4-week nomination period is now closed.

Vote Now.jpg

Public voting amongst the forex business and trading communities in now closed.


7th June 2022

The official winners of the 2022 awards were announced.


This award will recognise the best all-round liquidity provider. Liquidity provision is built on high standards with providers able to meet these standards at all times. Our winner will have built a foundation of stable pricing, fast and reliable trade execution and reliability, transparency and trust and finally, depth across multi-asset instruments.

Best All-round Liquidity Provider

Best Bridge Provider

This award looks at the bridge providers connecting the liquidity providers, market makers and banks together to enable faster trades.  Who are offering seamless execution of trades? This award will give an indication.

Best Client Trading Experience

This award is all to do with ' trading experience' and the level of service a client should expect to receive when placing their trades.  The winner of this award will be highly-committed to putting their client first. The client trading experience will always be at the forefront of their decision making processes.

Best CRM Provider

This award recognises the best of the best in CRM provision. We will be rewarding the company that always looks to deliver a cutting-edge, industry-leading Forex CRM software solutions to ever-expanding client bases. 

Best Crypto CFD Liquidity Provider

In recent years the interest in the crypto CFD market has exploded as an asset class with both retail and institutional investors alike. This new award will credit the company offering  agrregation solutions to all client-orders resulting in a deep liquidity pool offering.

Best ECN/Execution Venue

This award will go  company that can show to clients at a reasonable cost of trading with superior execution and open market access to limit order books

Best Electronic Money Institution

This award will focus on the blossoming landscape of electronic money institutions (EMIs). The selected winner will undoubtedly be one of the leading institutions authorised to issue e-money. 

Best Fintech & Solutions

This award champions the leaders in financial fintech and solutions. We will reward the company offering brokers cutting-edge software solutions and trading technology so that they can themselves accelerate their own growth whilst offering unique trading opportunities to their own clients.

Best Hosting & Connectivity Provider

This award takes focus on the tech companies who have ultimate pride in offering hosting & connectivity solutions. Whether this is easy access to liquidity, risk management solutions or bridge solutions for platforms.  The winners of this award will be at the cutting-edge of all of these aspects.

Best Institutional Forex Broker

The institutional fx sector is highly competitive space. The Institutional Forex Broker award signifies who is currently offering the best all-round institutional package and experience.

Best Mobile Trading App

This award recognises the best app solution that keeps their customers connected with the market at all times. On the go trading Apps allow traders to manage their trading activity from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform

This award credits the platforms that are best equipped for enabling an innovative, value-driven approach to multi-asset trading and technological integration.

Best Payment Solutions Provider

The Payment Solutions Provider award credits the best payment solutions provider in terms of their offering of costs, access to the top-tier banks, and acceptance of a wide range of means of payment.

Best Prime Trading Broker

The Prime Brokers purpose is to act as the consolidated portfolio, risk and services account for a hedge fund or their larger institutional clients. Their primary purpose is to allow their clients access to borrow securities or cash in order to trade and invest. Who is offering the best overall access?

Best Public Relations Company

This award will reflect on who are the true leaders in fx and broader financial services Public Relations.  Whether it's daily news stories and blogs or bespoke content and social media activity, Public Relations remains a key part of any business. We aim to reward the company at the forefront of these services.

Best RegTech Reporting Solution

This award champions the best performing company in regulatory solutions.  The company offering the most comprehensive regulatory solutions, especially in documenting and reporting transactions in order to meet growing regulatory requirements, will be crowned winner this year.

Best Retail Forex Broker

The retail forex broker world is often referred to as an extremely congested and therefore competitive space. Therefore, an award of this stature is most sought-after.  This award credits the brokerage offering the best all-round retail fx package and experience.

Best Risk Management System

This new award will acknowledge and reward the company that is delivering the best all-in-one, risk-management solution tailored for the modern fx brokerage.

Best Signals Provider

This award will champion the best B2B signal providers in the market.  Our winners will be a company offering high quality trading tools designed to enable their clients a far better trading experience and to assist with better trading decisions

Best Stocks Broker

This award will credit the broker that cares about your stocks and shares trading safety as much as your stocks and shares trading success.  The winner of this award will be a brokerage with a friendly and easy to navigate trading platform, low-cost commission free trading & fast execution of transactions.

Best Technology Provider

This award credits the tech providers striving to offer specialist and sophisticated software and tech solutions for the financial services industry. Quality, knowledge and dedication to being at the forefront of tech evolution will be key attributes of the chosen winner.

Best Trade Execution

This award will reward the company that makes it their main aim to consistently offer their clients competitive pricing and execution, market-leading technology and service excellence.

Best White Label Provider

This award focuses on providers offering the most comprehensive trading suites.  We are looking for the provider that considers all the best features for traders, whilst also accounting for ease of use for the brokers themselves.


Awards Sponsorship Enquiries

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